Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lesson Catch-up

I've been far too busy with life!!! My lesson plans have definitely suffered, but not to worry! I've spoken with the headmistress and none of your grades will suffer because of my lack of teaching. I'm even to understand that some of your Enchanted Kits have already been put in the mail. Good, good! Way to go, you eager students!! I'm am sure there are also quite a few of you that are still in the process of putting your kit together - I know I am! So, here is a little lesson catching up:

Stitch Markers -

Tutorial #1

Tutorial #2

Needles -

Ebay - FlyingWhale Seller

Ebay - Gate2Asia Seller

Something Magical -

One of my favorite shops is Allivan's. They carry an assortment of wands, wizard staffs, robes, candy and more! They ship quickly and their items are always first rate. If you want to totally throw your budget out the window you can always purchase a potions stand!

The other place that I'm partial to is Whimsical Alley. They have the little extras at a reasonable cost and do not have a purchasing minimum! It's great. Plus, don't forget - you can purchase a little House patch to add to the bag the you are making.

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