Saturday, March 15, 2008

Snotch Hunting

Some say they are no good at it while others proclaim to be the champs. Well, if you've found yourself here than I would say that you are rather cleaver. So, besides find the Snitch I will feed you another little tidbit *GRIN*

I, Miss Mandy Finch-Fletchley, am the same person as the author of the next site that you will visit in your hunt for the Snitch. If you didn't know already then I'd say that you are in for a surprise.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Quiddicth ~ Round Three

Picture Scavenger Hunt

A Basilisk

Mundungus Fletcher

Amos Diggory


1. When Rita Skeeter prints a bad articles about Hagrid in the Daily Prophet, which Professor teaches Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class while he is away?
c. Professor Grubbly-Plank

2. What was the article Rita Skeeter wrote about Hagrid called?
c. Dumbledore's Giant Mistake

3. When the school champions were being chosen from the Goblet of Fire, whose name cam out first?
b. Viktor Krum

4. What is the spell Ludo bagman says to magically magnify his voice when he commentates?
a. Sonorus

5. What kind of dragon did Cedirc have to face in the first task?
b. A Swedish Short-Snout

6. Who raised the trophy after winning the world cup?
b. Troy and Quigley

7. How many bedrooms did Mundungus Fletcher claim to have?
d. 12

8. For what did Moody mistake his birthday gif of a carriage clock?
b. A basilisk egg

9. What did Mr. Ollivander produce for the end of Cedric's wand?
d. Silver smoke rings

10. The dark mark is on Snape's left arm.
a. Yes

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Please, please forgive me for not posting this week! I put my nose to the grind and the next thing I know it's Saturday again!! I know there are really only 4 weeks left of this swap, so I will try my level best to give more back to the swap and to my house especially. Alright, with that said I'm off to finish my pals bag. I had to set it aside to take care of other knitterly things last month, but it shouldn't take me too long to finish. Ciao!! I'll leave you with a Sims trailer for The Goblet of Fire.